Live June Events In Puerto Rico, USA - Taught In Person By Dr. Jeffery A. Martin

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Thriving In Fundamental Wellbeing
Taught In-Person by Dr. Jeffery A. Martin
Live in Rincon, Puerto Rico, USA - June 9th & 10th
Just transitioning to Fundamental Wellbeing isn't enough to ensure a life of Thriving.

This might be contrary to what you have heard, or even what you believe - but our 15+ years of scientific research reveals it to be the case.

For many years now, we've conducted the largest global scientific research project into ways of experiencing the world known as enlightenment, nonduality, unity consciousness, the peace that passeth understanding, and many others.

We refer to them all by a single term, "Fundamental Wellbeing."

As part of that effort, we've intensively researched the lives of "Finders", the people who have successfully made the transition to these extraordinary ways of experiencing life.

Nearly all of them felt the same way after transitioning.

A noetic sense and a certainty that if they just sunk into Fundamental Wellbeing, it would guide them to optimal life outcomes.

Despite this internal feeling, this often didn't seem to be the case.

We've been able to look across the lives of thousands of Finders at this point, and their life outcomes don't seem all that different from the rest of the population.

Some have life circumstances where they are clearly thriving.

Others have life circumstances which involve a lot of struggle.

Most are somewhere in between.

The one thing they all had in common, was that they were fine with wherever they wound up.

At peace with their circumstances.

However we noticed that there was a qualitative difference in the lives of Finders that resulted from their life circumstances, even if they were okay with seemingly anything.

For example, although they could be at peace sleeping under a bridge in the cold of winter, and eating out of garbage cans; if given the choice they still expressed a preference to be in a warm home with safe, higher quality food.

Circumstances did still matter. They mattered not only in terms of comfort, but also in terms of bodily health, the positive impact they could have on more people's lives, and much more.

So, we decided to segment part of our research project off to ask what the core things are that every Finder should know and do in order to tilt their lives in the direction of thriving.

To our great surprise, there wasn't actually much that was necessary.

The first and most important thing was to just get a basic grasp on the essentials of what was now true for them, and how their development will unfold. 

So we published a book for them, The Finders (available on Amazon and everywhere else), and put out some free videos for them that can still be found at

As time went on we conducted many experiments that helped us to go from the basics to the handful of key practices that make all the difference in the life of any Finder, no matter their age, location, education level, socio-economic level, time in Fundamental Wellbeing and so on.

Today, these are collected together in our 6 module "Thriving in Fundamental Wellbeing" program.

It's made available to people who complete one of our programs that are designed to help people transition to Fundamental Wellbeing, at the end of their program.

For the first time ever, on June 9th and 10th this class will be held live and in person.

It will be taught by the director of the scientific research project, Dr. Jeffery A. Martin who is one of the world's foremost experts on Fundamental Wellbeing, someone who has experienced many different forms of persistent Fundamental Wellbeing, and has been highly successful at integrating it into his own life as an academic, scientist, entrepreneur, and investor.

This live program will cover everything from the current online program, and more.

Here's the class agenda...
Day 1, Morning
  • Gathering and introductions
  • ​Course introduction
  • ​The single most important thing to know about your Fundamental Wellbeing
  • ​The single most important thing to do in Fundamental Wellbeing + Lots of Practice Time
Day 1, Afternoon/Evening
  • Practice - Beginning of a practice that will be done throughout the rest of the program to help you interrupt your ongoing/routine patterns that cause a loss of depth in Fundamental Wellbeing.
  • ​Instructional Session - Deconditioning and Reconditioning - In depth instruction on one of the most important aspects of being in Fundamental Wellbeing, how it unfolds, and how to optimize it. This session will provide you with the critical understanding you need to maximize the effectiveness of many of the program's other practices.
  • ​Practice - Private work (guided in a group context) on exploring the aspects of your conditioning that trigger you, and suppress your peace in Fundamental Wellbeing, so you can use optimal forms of de/reconditioning to release and reprogram them.
  • ​Question and Answer time
  • ​Group meditation (attendance optional)
Day 2, Morning
  • Gathering, check-in, and questions
  • ​Instructional Session - Blindspots - In depth instruction on the reality and effect of blindspots within Fundamental Wellbeing. These lie in a Finder's system like landmines waiting to go off and affect their life, often in a wide range of negative ways. Even worse, when they do go off the Finder is typically only minimally aware of them, if at all. Of course, the same cannot be said for those around them! Finding and diffusing these landmines is a key part of having a thriving life as a Finder.
  • ​Practice - Several methods will be used to help you uncover and become aware of your blindspots. In addition to using them in class, they are all designed to integrate into your ongoing life once you're back home.
Day 2, Afternoon/Evening
  • Instructional Session - Continual De/Reconditioning - During this session we'll build on what we've done to help you understand both the importance, and how to build ongoing de/reconditioning seamlessly into your life. We'll also explore how to habituate it and how to make sure that the most difficult areas of conditioning are not avoided (as they typically are, by Finders who aren't deliberate about this - often with *not so positive* life results!).
  • Practice - During this session we'll actively explore and practice how to use what is taught in the afternoon instruction session, so that you start incorporating it into your life right way. Getting this down is a key part of an overall program of thriving in Fundamental Wellbeing.
As you can see, the program is quite straightforward. However, don't let that fool you. It's powerful in its simplicity.

These are literally the most important elements that you need to optimally thrive in Fundamental Wellbeing.

They have been distilled down from our research with thousands of Finders, all over the world.

And, of course, they don't have to be the end for you. You may take many other programs from various teachers and organizations over the years.

The good news is that, when you do, you'll be able to see exactly where their practices fit into what you learned during this program.

In that sense, it will also provide invaluable insights about what is most important for you, and most important for you to work on, to maximally Thrive in Fundamental Wellbeing.

Note: This retreat is only for Finders (people currently experiencing Fundamental Wellbeing)

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