Live June Events In Puerto Rico, USA - Taught In Person By Dr. Jeffery A. Martin

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Layers and Locations Mastery
Taught In-Person by Dr. Jeffery A. Martin
Live in Rincon, Puerto Rico, USA - June 11th - 17th
Get Everything You Need To Master The "Martin Matrix" All In One Class…

This class will be similar to the landmark TLC class that was held early 2021. 

You've probably heard about it. 

It was the first program where we extensively taught about Fundamental Wellbeing's Layers of Depth, covered their relationship to the Locations, and much more.

This special one week class is the successor to that part of the TLC training. 

It will be an advanced training for those of you who want to take your Fundamental Wellbeing to the next level.

The training will cover the Locations and Layers of Depth in detail so you have the full picture of Fundamental Wellbeing.

Then, it will dive into practices to help you experientially explore the layers.

We'll spend about one day per Layer on practices that are designed to help you access, explore, and deepen into that Layer.

Over the course of that day, you'll become very familiar with the best methods to use for the Layer, not just during the retreat, but after you return home.

Once we have that down, next we'll cover, both intellectually and experientially, how to use your access to various Layers and Locations to turbocharge your de/reconditioning efforts.

This will allow you to get a much better handle on your conditioning, and far more ability to let go of or transform it.

Then, we'll experientially work with integration of Layers.

Traditionally Layers have often been viewed by various religious and spiritual traditions as destinations in and of themselves, like a ladder to climb. We think it's perfectly fine to have that view of them.

And, we also feel that the research has taught us a lot about the potential of them beyond that more simplified perspective.

One of these is that Layers can be simultaneously experienced.

We've seen this be a much more integrated approach to them for Finders who choose to remain in the world, and not go to the cave.

So, we'll be sharing our top method for accomplishing this during the training and devoting plenty of practice time to it so that we make sure everyone fully gets it.

Finally, we'll spend a significant amount of time working on fluidity.

Having a fluid system is incredibly important for maximizing your life in Fundamental Wellbeing, because allows your system to be maximally appropriate in every moment of your life.

Rather than living from a fixed place in Fundamental Wellbeing, your system adapts spontaneously to the moment.

Generally, this doesn't just happen. You need to know how to get there, and work towards it.

In this class we'll be giving you the tools to do just that, along with a special practice-based jumpstart to get you up and running quickly.

We have some additional surprises in store, but you get the idea. This is going to be a very special class, with all meditations and practices being led by either Dr. Jeffery A Martin, or Annemiek Meyer, or both.

We expect that many of you who come to this class would like to be able to stay for an extra week of practicing what you've learned, and get additional personalized, direct coaching from us to help you maximize your progress.

So we've added one final week to our special June in-person schedule, a private meditation and coaching retreat. You can learn more about that here.

As part of this program, you'll receive a full evaluation session with one of our staff scientists so that we can see where you're starting from, and any additional ones you need as the training progresses.

This retreat is only for Finders, and it will be primarily practice based.

Sign up now for $2500, or combine this class with the
Private Meditation and Coaching Retreat for only $3500 (a $500 savings)

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