Live June Events In Puerto Rico, USA - Taught In Person By Dr. Jeffery A. Martin

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Participate in the world's most successful ongoing experiment in consciousness...
You're Invited to a Series of Classes with Dr. Jeffery A. Martin
Live and In-Person in Rincon, Puerto Rico, USA
June 2022
World Renowned Scientifically Proven Programs for Finding Lasting Inner Peace and Contentment, and Deepening in Fundamental Wellbeing (i.e.: enlightenment, nonduality, the peace that passeth understanding, etc.)
From May 30 to June 24, we'll be hosting a series of very special classes that will be taught live by world renowned Fundamental Wellbeing expert, Dr. Jeffery A. Martin.

With the exception of occasional information-based workshops at leading academic conferences, this is the first time that it's been possible to take a class from Jeffery live and in-person.

And, it's the first time that he's taught any of the Center for the Study of Non-Symbolic Consciousness' transformational programs in-person.

In fact, it's the first time that some of these programs have been offered at all!
(and very possibly the only time...)
The classes include:
  • The 10 Day Awakening Challenge (5/30-6/8) - A special, intensive retreat version of our famous "45 Days to Awakening" protocol that is compressed down to only 10 days. This protocol has reliably transitioned a majority of people who use it to Fundamental Wellbeing in all previous versions (one-on-one in the lab and coaching, the 3 and 4 month "Finders Course" versions, and the "45 Days" version). The goal of this event/experiment is to see how many people we can transition in just 10 days. It will have all of the same material and practice time from our 45 Day version, all compressed into 10 days. Some seats are also reserved for people who are already in Fundamental Wellbeing and who want to use the protocol to go further and/or deeper.
  • Thriving in Fundamental Wellbeing Live (6/9 & 6/10) - Because we expect people who take the 10 Day retreat to transition to Fundamental Wellbeing, we've decided to run a special 2-day Thriving in Fundamental Wellbeing program after it. If you're not familiar with this program, it's our main program to help people optimally integrate Fundamental Wellbeing into their lives. It will have the same content as our online, 6 session thriving program - but accellerated and compressed into just 2 days. The most important aspect of this program is being able to walk through all of the practices live, with us holding your hand through them. Like our other programs, this is a practice driven program - and we'll be doing all of the practices, plus some special bonus in-person ones, during this special in-person class. You do not have to take the 10 Day challenge to join us, but you do have to be a Finder (currently experiencing Fundamental Wellbeing).
  • Layers and Locations Mastery (6/11-6/17) - A special one week class that extensively covers the Locations and Layers, as well as their integration, fluidity, and more. It's name says it all, it's designed to help you truly master and maximize the Martin Matrix, and it's layers and locations in your life.
  • And finally a special one week Private Meditation and Coaching Retreat (6/18-6/24). We expect that many of you who come to Layers and Locations Mastery will want to be able to stay for an extra week to continue practicing what you've learned, and receive personalized, direct coaching from us so you can maximize your progress even more. We've added one final week to our special June in-person schedule so you can do just that. Note that you don't have to attend Mastery to come to this week. Anyone is welcome, including those not in Fundamental Wellbeing who think a week of intensive practice and direct guidance would be helpful for them. It's simply a week where you can come, do whatever practices you want as often and for as long as you'd like, sit in meditation with us, and get personalized coaching sessions to help you to maximize your progress. It's a very rare opportunity, and like nothing we've offered before.
Dr. Jeffery A. Martin will be personally teaching each of these programs, live and in-person, along with the Center's deputy director, Annemiek Meyer.

As you might suspect, enrollment for all of these programs is extremely limited. 

This isn't a highly scalable online class. It's being held at an intimate retreat house. There are a handful of rooms available to rent on the property, and plenty of AirBNB and hotel rooms available within a short walk or drive. The beach is also just a short walk away, as are a variety of restaurants.

We expect to only be offering this once, because of the amount of time it takes from the research staff.

In 2023 we'll be launching a series of initiatives around the world to help more people reach Fundamental Wellbeing. As part of that, our protocols will be adapted in many different ways to reach people (in person events like these, coaching, apps and VR, etc.). 

We're doing this as part of our preparations to assist others around the world with similar offerings next year. We want to get some first hand experience as part of that, and this is a good time on our schedule to do it. 

So, if being able to work directly with us, in-person, on your progress is something that interests you…I'd jump on this before the seats fill up.

Hopefully we'll see you in person soon!


15 Years of Research

Learn more about the new science behind awakening, fundamental wellbeing, and the 15 years of research behind the world's largest scientific research project into these forms of consciousness.

98% Satisfaction Rate

65% of participants experience persistent awakening. Another 25% experience an awakening event. And 98% of all participants say they are grateful they took the time for the challenge and are happy with their results. 

Based on Data, Not Dogma

Discover how you can have your own transition into fundamental wellbeing. And learn what makes this challenge, a scientifically validated path to persistent awakening and lasting inner peace, that's different from anything you've tried in the past. 

Has Your Progress Been Inconsistent?

Are you disappointed spending time and money trying hit-and-miss methods? 

Has everything you’ve tried failed to give lasting results?

Tired of the post-retreat or workshop blues?

Are you worried it’s just never going to happen for you?
Now science has finally proven that you can have a life of inner peace and contentment.

What Others Have To Say About Dr. Jeffery Martin's Research:

"Dr. Jeffery Martin and his colleagues have produced a landmark study, one not only relevant to transpersonal psychology but to psychology in general.  It is not often that rigorous research can be inspirational, but Dr. Martin has come through."
Stanley Krippner

Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at Saybrook University; past-President of two and Fellow in five divisions of the American Psychological Association, and winner of its lifetime achievement award for Distinguished Contributions to the International Advancement of Psychology; 50+ year veteran researcher and pioneer in the scientific study of consciousness
"Dr. Jeffery Martin's work on non-symbolic states of awareness has helped create the most lucid map for understanding higher states of consciousness."

"I have personally gained a deeper understanding of the universality of human sacred experience from his research and have been able to replicate and publish it. For anyone who is interested in getting scientific knowledge of the range and evolution of human experience in the direction of expanded awareness and ultimately that which wisdom traditions call 'enlightenment' Jeffery's book and research are must reads."
Deepak Chopra

MD, FACP, founder of The Chopra Foundation and co-founder of The Chopra Center for Wellbeing, author of over 85 books including dozens of best sellers
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